5g vial
Note: Not interchangeable with the 1mg vial


Management of severe cyanide toxicity, evidenced by altered level of consciousness, seizures, hypotension, significant acidosis.

Medication box with the name Cyanokit.

Consultation with a clinical toxicologist is recommended through the local toxicology service or Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26 prior to administration of hydroxocobalamin for cyanide poisoning.


5g IV (child: 70mg/kg) over 15mins

Can be repeated once at 30min if inadequate response.

Stocking recommendations

Tertiary centre Regional centre Rural centre Remote centre
0 – 2 kits 0 kits 0 kits 0 kits


Given the availability of a reasonable alternative (sodium thiosulfate) and the prohibitive cost, these recommendations reflect a pragmatic approach to antidote stocking. 2 kits will cover the dosing recommendations listed above should a repeat dose be needed.


Fact sheet developed by Queensland Poisons Information Centre.

This fact sheet is about the use of these antidotes in Australia, and may not apply to other countries. Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information, omissions of information, or any actions that may be taken as a consequence of reading this fact sheet.

Last updated: July 2023