How we can help

You can call us for advice on 13 11 26. A clinical pharmacist with training in poisoning and toxicology will answer your call and they will:

  • assess the risk of the situation you're calling about
  • give you details about products involved in a poisoning, such as ingredients, strengths and pH
  • give you advice about managing a poisoning
  • refer you to a Clinical Toxicologist if needed - doctors with specialised training in toxicology.

Therapeutic Guidelines: Toxicology and Toxinology

You can access the guidelines if you work for Queensland Health. The guidelines are updated regularly and include information about treating:

  • general poisonings
  • poisoning in children
  • snake and spider bites
  • marine poisoning.

To access the guidelines, log in to the Therapeutic Guidelines: Toxicology and Toxinology website. If you aren't able to access the website call us for advice on 13 11 26.

Snake Bite – Clinical Pathway for Non-envenomed Snake Bite

Queensland Health has developed a clinical pathway for managing patients bitten or potentially bitten by a snake [PDF 92.92 KB]. Use this pathway for patients who don’t currently show signs of envenomation but require regular blood tests and examination.

For further advice call us on 13 11 26.

Last updated: July 2023