If your child swallows or inserts a button battery

If you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery or stuck one in their ear or nose don't make them vomit or let them eat or drink.

Call Triple Zero (000) if they're bleeding or having trouble breathing.

If they're not having trouble breathing call us on 13 11 26, we'll:

  • let you know where the nearest hospital is to get an urgent x-ray and care
  • advise whether or not to give honey, which may reduce injury.

You should also follow these instructions if they swallow other batteries, such as AA or AAA.

Preventing access to button batteries

  • Reduce the number of products at home that use button batteries
  • Make sure battery compartments on devices and toys are child-resistant, for example secured with a screw or are tricky to open
  • Keep spare batteries out of reach
  • Old or flat button batteries can still be dangerous, so wrap them in clear sticky tape and dispose of them safely straight away
  • Closely watch children when using toys or devices that have button batteries

Last updated: July 2023